Project Permitting


The Shelby County Unified Development Ordinance requires that all Commercial Solar Energy Systems (CSEA) seek approval by the Shelby County Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) for new construction. In turn, the BZA sets the standards and conditions and governs the process for siting, design, construction, operation and permitting of the Blue River Solar Farm.

The BZA provides a comprehensive process that engages community involvement for large renewable energy projects. It offers a single forum to ensure that siting decisions are predictable and responsible, along with opportunities for input from local communities.

Key provisions of the law include:

  • All Commercial Solar Energy Systems used for off-site utility grid use must receive a special exception and development standards variance approved by the Shelby County Board of Zoning Appeals.
  • Submittal of a site plan to the Shelby County Storm Drainage, Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinance Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) for review and approval.
  • Obtain an improvement location permit.
  • Additional information on the siting ordinance can be found at the following link: Shelby County Planning Commission