Blue River Solar Farm is a 300-megawatt photovoltaic solar facility under development by Hecate Energy. Below is a list of select benefits the Project offers: 

  • Provides new, renewable energy to protect and preserve clean air, water quality and soil resources.
  • Capable of safely supplying 552,000 megawatt-hours (MWh) of renewable electricity per year to power over 75,000 average Indiana households. 
  • Delivers significant revenues to local government, schools, and community services.
  • Boosts the area's economy, creating construction jobs and adding commerce for local businesses.
  • Operates quietly without airborne emissions or water pollution.
  • Reduces reliance on fossil fuels, offsetting nearly 391,193 tons of carbon dioxide emissions - equal to taking over 85,077 passenger cars off the road for a year.
  • Fueled by the sun to provide long-term price benefits for electricity consumers.
  • Uses photovoltaic panels on tracking structures that follow the sun throughout the day to optimize power production.