Best of Shelby County Contest

Recently, Hecate Energy sponsored the "Best of Shelby County" online contest. With over 1,500 votes from local supporters, Hecate Energy was able to award 8 Shelby County restaurants, events, attractions, realtors and high school sports teams with $1,000.


Hecate Energy has been doing business in Shelby County in recent months and believes in active participation in the community. We have already supported various organizations and causes, and this contest was another fun way to celebrate the Shelby County business community.

We thank you for your continued patronage of all the participating local businesses.

Insight into the Winners

Runnebohm Realty’s Hometown Feel a Plus for Buyers, Sellers

Nathan Runnebohm appreciates his independence as a local realtor. Born and raised in Shelby County, Nathan sought out to develop a small, hometown real estate firm when he got into the business nearly 20 years ago.

“I wanted to do things a little differently. The best thing about owning your own business is being able to do things my own way instead of taking queues from a larger organization,” he said.

The tact he has taken has paid off in light of receiving the “Best Realtor” honor during the “Best of Shelby County” contest powered by Hecate Energy.

“The whole competition was fun,” Nathan said. “I was really excited to see how people turned out to vote.”

Based in Shelbyville, Runnebohm Realty assists clients with home buying and selling in various communities throughout the region, including Shelbyville, Waldron, Saint Paul, Morristown, Fairland, Franklin, Greensburg, Greenfield and Greenwood.

Nathan says Runnebohm Realty really sees itself as a consultancy, trying to help clients with their real estate needs through a relatively smooth process.

Summertime Farmer’s Market the ‘Main’ Event in Downtown Shelbyville

On most Saturday mornings, you can find a group of dedicated volunteers in downtown Shelbyville overseeing what has become an annual rite of passage.

Local farmers and other vendors gather in the downtown square to sell their fresh produce, food, flowers and other goods to residents as part of the Shelby County Farmer’s Market. During the hours of 8 a.m. and noon on Saturdays from May until September, visitors can come to the center of downtown to find that elusive one ingredient on the grocery list or a small gift for a friend or family member.

It is no surprise that this popular endeavor has been named “Best Event” in the “Best of Shelby County” contest sponsored by Hecate Energy.

The engine behind the annual Farmers Market is Mainstreet Shelbyville, which was formed in 1998 by downtown business owners and citizens who wanted to preserve and improve the downtown area.

Since then, Mainstreet Shelbyville has become a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for Shelbyville by revitalizing and ensuring the long-term stability of downtown as a business district while enhancing its historic integrity.

“We love serving Shelby County because we take great pride in our community and want the downtown to continue to be the place that everyone wants to live, work, and play,” Mainstreet Shelbyville leaders said. “It is great to see the farmer’s market full on Saturdays in the summer, people shopping and dining local, and all of our community events packed with people. We love to call downtown Shelbyville our home!”

“Best Tenderloin” spot has got you covered when it comes to this sandwich. Find out more about this delicious item and the history behind its creation.

Chaperral Café has “Best Tenderloin” Covered Despite Small Bun

The toasted bun atop the mouth-watering tenderloin may not do its job, but Chaperral Café owner Shirley Bailey has got customers covered when they walk through the doors of her restaurant in downtown Shelbyville.

Named “Best Tenderloin” during the inaugural Hecate Energy “Best Of Shelby County” contest, the café’s Stardust Breaded Tenderloin has been a staple of the Chaperral Café menu for many years. One look at it when it arrives at the table and customers notice the sizeable job in front of them. The wings of the tenderloin extend well beyond what seems like a small bun.

Shirley says she delivers more than 100 fresh Hoosier tenderloins a week to hungry customers’ plates, in addition to other meals, sides and desserts. And all of it is homemade with no recipes. “A dab of this and a dab of that,” Shirley said.

Like her recipes, Shirley was “self-taught” when she learned to run a restaurant when Chaperral Café opened in 1968. “I thank God for this,” said Shirley, who always wanted a restaurant and family. “I couldn’t ask for better customers.”

Her employees share her joy. “It’s the best place to work,” one employee said. “You are like family here.”